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How we get you the freshest and best jerky possible

• You order jerky
• We make your jerky
• We ship your jerky
• You enjoy the freshest and best jerky possible


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I've never been a jerky fan, but Jerry's Jerky woke up my taste buds from a long, dormant, sleep! Once I open a bag, it's getting finished right away. Send more Hawaiian Heat.

Craig V. - March 2022

Honestly tastes like the realist, 'beefiest' jerky I've had.

Colin G. - May 2022

My 175 pound Great Dane does not respond to treats at all but I can get him to do anything I want when I have a piece of Jerky for Dogs in my hand! Thank you Jerry's Jerky!

Rhonda W. - February 2022


Is Jerry available for appearances or speaking engagements?

Jerry is 100% focused on making quality Jerky

What are the ingredients?

Ingredients are listed with each flavor on the website. Additionally, use the QR code on your package to navigate directly to the ingredients page.

How is Jerry’s Jerky made? Do you use preservatives?

Jerry’s Jerky is hand cut, marinated, and smoked at a low temperature for hours until it has the perfect color, flavor, and chew. We do not dehydrate or use any preservatives or chemicals. Our flavors are all natural and come from painstaking recipe development created with the exact flavor balance you expect from us.

Where can I buy Jerry’s Jerky? I’ve never seen it in stores?

The best place to buy Jerry’s Jerky is directly through our website. Our jerky is not meant to sit on store shelves for months at a time. We do not use preservatives and believe the fresher the jerky the better the product. Our goal is to have your order to you within 10 days of your jerky being made. Not to have an expiration date on the package with a future year.

We are, however, partnering with some small local breweries, bars, and shops in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We will be delivering fresh jerky weekly to make it more accessible for you.

What flavors are available?

Jerry's Jerky Original is our flagship flavor, it stands out from other Jerky's and will have a little heat with it.

We are working constantly to develop new flavors! Keep an eye out as typically new flavors will be available in a much more limited quantity and may sell out quickly.

How long will it take to get my Jerry’s Jerky order?

Our goal is to have your order in your hands in 7-10 days. We don’t start making your jerky until it’s ordered so we can get it to you as fresh as possible!

Can we order large quantities of Jerry’s Jerky for parties?

We are currently running at full capacity trying to fulfill standard orders for our customers and cannot support on demand additional large purchases.

For bulk orders 30 days out contact us and we will work with you to ship a bulk order your way.