Our Process

At Jerry’s we don’t believe in using preservatives or chemicals or artificial smoke flavoring to create a product faster or easier. We painstakingly hand cut and trim every piece of beef, measure and mix our marinade by hand, and stand in front of our smokers for hours every day rotating racks, adjusting temperatures, and taste testing to make sure every batch is as perfect as it can be. 

We have started partnering with select breweries, bars, and boutique shops in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs making weekly deliveries of fresh jerky to make ourselves more accessible and continue to get you the best jerky possible every chance we get.

Here is a quick rundown of our process when you order direct through Jerry’s Jerky and how we get fresh jerky and the best jerky possible to you:

    • You place your order
      • We process our orders every morning and every evening so odds are we will see it within hours of it being placed.

    • Your order is received and we begin getting it ready
      • Every morning we confirm our current orders and begin prepping them for the day starting with hand slicing and marinating
    • Your order is smoked
      • Every morning we fire up our smokers and get fresh batches of jerky rolling that have sat overnight in marinade. We watch every piece, rotate racks, move pieces around, and look for the perfect consistency in every bite.
    • Packaging, Labeling, Shipping
      • After your jerky is cooled off, it’s weighed by hand and put into our bags that we label one by one and hand write our “smoked on date” and flavor before heat sealing the bag and finalizing your order for delivery.

    • Your jerky is on its way!!!
      • Our deliveries are dropped off first thing every morning after being packaged and will be on their way to you. We use USPS Priority Mail and drop off orders Monday-Friday.

We could absolutely speed this process up by having meat already sliced and in marinade as well as having batches cooked daily to fulfill future orders but that would compromise quality and that is not something we want to do. We are also working with a natural product and there will of course be times when we end up with a little extra product or just short of what we need due to the fat content and moisture content of the meat. So there will be rare occasions that your order comes a day or two quicker or may take a day or two longer.